you’re a bossy drunk

“I should not have had that last drink of vodka,” you whisper with a giggle that you’d hate if you were sober.

You adjust your position on my lap, as the cab driver tries to avoid potholes.

You sneak a quick kiss from me.

My hand is on your thigh. And because my hand is so big, my fingers reach up under the hem of your skirt.

“I really like that skirt,” our backseat companion offers.

I have wanted to get you alone for a long time. But, at the bar, you decided that she is your new best friend. You already added her to your phone. (As “50% Asian, 100% Awesome.”)

“Thaaaank you,” you reply.

We hit another pothole and my hand slides further up your thigh. Your breath catches in your throat.

I slide it up a little more.


“Ignore the mess,” you say as you turn on the light.

You link arms with her and walk over to the couch together.

“Wine, garcon,” you say to me, over your shoulder, as I close the door.

I grab a bottle of red wine of some sort and two glasses.

I sit on a chair next to the couch and fill you each a glass.

You ask her for her life story.


I start to nod off at some point. But you gently rouse me with a “More wine!”

As I sit back down, you crack up laughing — at your own joke — and accidentally spill wine on her white shirt.

“I’m so sorry!”

“It’s fine,” she assures you.

“We gotta soak it in something! You!,” you say at me, “Check the internet.”

I Google.

She removes her shirt.

I notice the blue lace bra.

“La Senza’s Beyond Cleavage,” she tells you.

It looks amazing on her, with her large, round breasts

“Soap and peroxide,” I offer.

“I’m on it!”

You grab her shirt and stagger out of the room.

I look at her. She smiles.

“How about some music,” she says.

I open on your iTunes.

I start playing something.

“Nooooo,” she says.

She gets up off the couch, loses her balance, and falls on me.

She stays just long enough to push her breasts in my face.

She tries to get up by putting her hand down in my lap.

She gives my hard cock a little squeeze.

She smiles.

“You like my bra, huh?”

She makes her way back to the couch.

You return.

“It’s soaking. Can I get you something to wear?”

“I’m comfy,” she tells you.

You giggle and pour yourself another glass of wine.


“Come sit with us,” you command.

I get up, turn off one of the lights, and join you on the couch.

You snuggle against me.

“Awwww. I miss cuddles,” she says.

“Sit between us,” you slur to me.

I get up. Again. I sit between you.

You each snuggle in.

I put my arms around both of you.

You play with my hand. You lift it up. You let it fall on your breast. Then again.

I give your breast a little squeeze.

You mmm.

She watches.

I trace around your nipple — through your clothes — and make it hard.

She takes my other hand in hers.

I give your nipple a little pinch. You MMMMmmmmm.

She slowly places my hand on her breast.

She waits for a reaction from you.

So do I.

You notice, but don’t say anything.

I caress her breast a little. She squirms.

I slide my hand inside her bra.

“Yessss,” she says.

You sit up. You look at us.

My hand stops moving on her breast.

You think for a moment.

Then you pull your own shirt over your head.

You get back into your snuggle position, and put my hand on your black lace bra.

I slide my hand inside.

Both of my hands are now caressing breasts. And playing with nipples.

She removes her bra.

You watch.

She straddles my lap, and reaches over and removes your bra.

You stay quiet.

She cups your breasts.

She gives them a little squeeze.

You close your eyes.

I throb.

She feels it.

She leans over and kisses you.


You keep your eyes closed for a few moments, then open them slowly.

She pulls back.

“I’ve thought about this… In theory. But I don’t like to share,” you whisper.

“We can work around that,” she replies.

Then she kisses you.



She is naked, and on her back on the floor.

You are naked, and straddling her face.

I am naked, kneeling in front of you, and kissing you.

Her skillful tongue is driving you wild.

Making you kiss me harder. You pull my hair. You bite my lip.

“Stand up,” you hissper.

I do.


You take my hard cock in your hand.

You run your tongue up the bottom of the shaft.

You circle the head.

You cup my balls with your other hand.

You stare up at me teasingly.

Then she slides two fingers inside of you.

“Oh fuuuuuuuck,” you purr.

You suddenly take me in your mouth.

All of me.

Down your throat.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuck” I purr too.


She’s on her back on the bed.

I am fucking you from behind.

She is under you.

Your hard nipples rubbing on hers, each time I thrust.

Your hair falls around her face.

She kisses you.

You are pinning her wrists to the bed. Leaving hand prints on them.

I squeeze your ass.

I fuck you.


You’re getting closer.

And closer.

I fuck you harder and faster.

You kiss her back.



She bites your lip.

I cum hard. Inside you.

You scream into her kiss.


The two of you roll around on the bed.

“Stroke it, baby,” you tell me.

I do.

While standing over you both.

You lick her nipple.

You suck it in your mouth.

You bite.

She pulls your hair.

I stroke faster.

And faster.

You bite harder.

She screams.

I’m so close.

“All over us,” you beg. “Please. Baby. I need it…”

I explode.

All over you both.


3 Responses to “you’re a bossy drunk”

  1. missyummyface Says:

    I read this, this morning…before work… you do like to make things difficult for me.

  2. So it’s really not a bad thing to be a bossy drunk?

  3. WetSeduction Says:

    omq, this makes mee sooo wet !
    I lovee kinky 3sums

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